My Services

I am here to understand your requirements and needs. Based on my years of experience in this field, I can provide you not only with the sale and purchase of real estate, but a complete service that will save you time and your money.


My services consist of practical experience and several years of proven cooperation with my co-workers. 

Precisely because of this fact, I can offer you a complete service.

Are you looking for your investment, which you would use during the holidays and rent out during the year? Contact me, I will provide you with a property on key.

Find property in Luxembourg, Italy, Spain according to your needs

Preparation of documents, contracts, all services necessary for sale, purchase or lease

Are you interested in investment and regular rental of your real estate? You are in the right place!

Are you interested in real estate in Luxembourg and need advice in several areas? You are in the right place.

Authorized architects and interior designers

Construction companies

Reconstruction and renovation teams and experts such as painters, masons, waterworks, gasmen, electricians, etc.

Financial advice in the field of mortgages (financial experts)

Translocation companies at the national and supranational level

Suppliers of building materials within Luxembourg, Germany, Italy,...

Mediation in Civil, Commercial, neighbourhood dispute and Inter-cultural mediation including all areas in which a mediation process is required.

Commercial Mediation 

- Real estate co-ownership

- Agreement, person with a contract

Civil Mediation

- Owner and tenant 

- Property dispute 

Neighbour Dispute

- Neighbours miscommunication

- Property damage

- Gardening issues


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